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Our Distinguished Donors

We are proud to specially recognize those who can give $100 or more to the Louisiana State Troopers Association spring 2024 direct mail fundraising campaign. We are truly grateful and fortunate knowing that we are appreciated by our citizenry. Click the link below to view a listing of our fall 2023 Distinguished Donors.
First and foremost, thank you so much for your support of the Louisiana State Troopers Association. Yes, your donations are very much needed in helping us restore our ranks, attract good recruits to our profession, and provide more security to our troopers. More important to us, however, is that you believe in what we’re doing. We can’t over emphasize what this means to us. We believe it is important to recognize those who support us. For our spring 2024 campaign we have two of our 2024 LSTA window stickers and our Silver 2024 ID card for anyone who sends in a donation. For those who can donate $50 or more, we’re offering four stickers, our Gold 2024 ID card and something brand new and definitely cool! We’ve had our LSTA logo designed into a hefty, richly-embroidered 4”x 4” patch in bright colors with a beautiful border. These are quickly going to become collector’s items. They are suitable for framing and have any number of unique applications. Our own troopers want them, so get ‘em while we have them in our office.
The Louisiana State Troopers Association is a fraternal organization representing the men and women of the Louisiana State Police. The LSTA represents approximately 97% of the commissioned officers as well as a substantial portion of the State Police Retirees. We are committed to improved pay and benefits; to strive for a better working environment; to provide support when needed, and to increase the quality of life for its members. The LSTA also aims to improve the public services provided by its members to the community. In order to fulfill these commitments, the LSTA advocates and provides representation for its members with respect to labor issues before the LSPC as well as the Louisiana Legislature. We are dependent on citizens like you to help us with contributions. The LSTA is organized under section 501(c)(5) of the Internal Revenue Code. We NEVER call your home for contributions. Twice a year the LSTA publishes our Trooper Magazine for our membership. If you own a business, you may receive a phone call from our advertising sales team regarding purchasing an ad. Feel free to call our office at 225-928-2000 if you would like to confirm the validity of the phone call you have received.

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